In this episode of Hunt Talk Radio, Randy Newberg talks with conservationist Jim Pozewitz and podcast producers Dan Doty & Janis Putelis.¬†Subjects discussed include the dirty thirties of hunting conservation, the birth of the Pittman-Robertson act, Teddy Roosevelt’s 1883 bison hunt, how Concord Transcendentalists connect to Poz’s own conservation epiphany, Roosevelt’s “Road to Nowhere” that wasn’t, Jay Norward “Ding” Darling and the flower in the desert, the king’s deer becoming the peoples’ game, how whiskey played a part in preserving the Yellowstone River, the Midnight Forests of 1907, shooting penned animals and the implications of “intensively managed game”, addressing the premise of dividing the hunting community, the need to talk about the things that didn’t happen, the missing wildlife of Kyrgyzstan, Cecil Garland and the heroes of conservation walking among us, and much more.¬†