Randy is joined by friends (and Arizona Game and Fish employees), Wade Zarlingo and Jonathan O’Dell, from his January archery Coues deer camp in southern Arizona, also known as a “Sonoran Smorgasboard.” ¬†Topics discussed are plethora of hunting opportunity in Arizona, spot and stalk Coues deer as joyful insanity, javelina distraction, Arizona drawing system and deadlines, how to pronounce “Coues,” Mearn’s quail are not fools, delicacy of grilled quail, calling quail, eating javelina, southern AZ as a waterfowler’s paradise, Thick Billed Parrots, how to spot and stalk a Coati Mundi, sandhill cranes taxonomy, Mexican ducks as a trophy species, why isn’t everyone hunting southern Arizona in the winter, and all other topics relevant to the finest winter hunting of Randy’s career.