Randy sits down with three of the long-time forum members from his Hunt Talk forum who are serious conservationists and public land advocates.  Terry (Oak), Joe (Dinkshooter), and JR walk the walk for conservation and public lands, as do the groups they serve for, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.  This podcast was recorded in Reno while all members were at the Wild Sheep Foundation national convention.  Topics covered are wild sheep conservation, raising money for conservation, “accountants in conservation,” missing a ram with your bow, excuses for missing, Colorado sheep as Republicans/Democrats/Independents, bighorn sheep are born looking for a place to die, wildlife disease issues, comical trophy photos, pack goats as a disease vector, improve your tag drawing odds by putting more critters on the mountain, sheep karma, public land politics affecting wildlife and hunting, missing the biggest black bear of your life, and lots of laughs and jokes.