Randy is joined by field producer, Marcus Hockett, as they discuss elk hunting new areas, E-scouting on YouTube, Wyoming elk hunting quirks for non-residents, elk state deadlines, swing for the fences in New Mexico, skepticism that you can hunt elk every year, elk reintroduction in the east, hunting general areas in Montana, getting elk out whole, Central Idaho is for backcountry badasses, hunt burn areas, track fires today for hunting tomorrow, “pretty elk country”, black bear trifecta in MT/ID/WY, trichinosis testing, ease of doing a Western Whitetail Trifecta, leftover deer tags in Wyoming, treestand boredom, hunting boundaries, the blowback of sharing hunting knowledge, hunting units with lots of private land, elk success by eliminating dumb ideas, was Al Gore (internet inventor) a closet-hunter, Wyoming elk harvest rates, CWD and Brucellosis politics, Congress members who are the greatest threats to your public lands, what you should do to protect your public lands, and lots of other things to bend your mind.