In this Episode (EP 63) of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is at the Total Archery Challenge sharing a mic with Eric (founder) and Matt (HUNT APP manager) from onXmaps and Jason Matzinger from Into High Country.

Topics covered include how onX got started, how to draw multiple bighorn sheep tags in Montana, drawing luck or bad luck, new APP lauch by onX, hunting boundaries, most anticipated hunt, Randy as a low-tech hunter, Jason’s #Project Elk, fence lines of convenience in the west, new layers from onX, how Randy did the roadless layers, water drinkers supporting wildlife, hunting squirrels in Arizona, hunters telling their own story, donating money to NV Division of Wildlife, feral horses competing with native wildlife, invasive weed species, pinon-juniper encroachment hurting wildlife, hunters as conservationists, land management, allocating time for conservation, companies that support conservation.