Recorded live at the Total Archery Challenge in Big Sky, MT, Randy sets up shop in the Sitka Gear tent to talk about elk hunting, elk talking, and the new film from Sitka; The Linguist, starring Corey and Issac Jacobsen, Will Primos, Wayne Carlton, Larry D. Jones, and Rocky Jacobsen, produced by Ben Potter of Cana Outdoors.

Topics covered are the history of elk calling, the idea behind The Linquist, how the pioneers started, passion driving innovation, challenges of telling stories with video, why you shouldn’t hunt elk in New Mexico, Randy being the hunting contrarian, fat accountants can kill elk, Dilly Bars for everyone, fitness craze in hunting, traditional archers going to compounds, calling skills for elk hunting, Sonic Boom, hunting for your own pleasures, hunters who smoke, grouse hunts ruined by elk bugles, carrying too much gear, parabolic microphones, grizzlies fighting over a carcass, Issac the Great, video does no justice to an elk bugle, and a thanks to the innovators of hunting.