On this episode of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy is joined again by Keith Balfourd, Marketing Director of the Boone & Crockett Club.  Keith is in charge of all media communications at B&C, the historic organization formed in 1887 and the first conservation organization in America.  Recently B&C started a new initiative titled Hunt Right/Hunt Fair Chase, in an effort to knock the dust of the ethos of American hunters and their reputation for fair chase pursuit and embracing the highest ethical standards while hunting.  Hunters, since they founded the conservation movement 130 years ago, based on a fair chase ethic that was not the norm for a time of market shooting, exploitation, and belief that the resources could never be depleted.  There was much resistance at that time to the notion of aspiring to a higher standard, the same as we find today when hunters have the important discussion of what is appropriate and what does society find acceptable.  Whether we want it be or not, in the instant media world, we are all hunting ambassadors.  Our every action, every motive, every message, is viewed by others who do not have a lifetime of hunting as context by which to view.  This podcast is a discussion of revitalizing the Hunt Fair Chase standard and discussing how it applies today when technology, communications, and hunting itself are changing at a rapid pace.