From Missoula, MT Randy shares an early morning mic with Damon Bungard of Orion Coolers and Clay Hayes of Twisted Stave.  Topics covered include finding Sasquatch dens, traditional archery, building your own bow, #freezer function, Twisted Stave blog, elk hunts that become grouse hunts, what is a “self bow,” Orion Chronicles TV show, Appalachian backpack whitetail hunting, Backcountry College videos, broken “give a chit filter”, snake fears for fetish, antelope meat myths, hunting public land in the East, hunting jungles of Northern Idaho, Rocky Mountain Black Bear Trifecta, hunting in grizzly country, how NOT to behave when you have a bear encounter, bad hunting luck, stupid things we do while hunting, fearless black bears, elk hunting grouse stories, small game pleasures, whitetail winter range, tag filling pressures, multiple hunting motives, hunt for your own reasons, AOH Adult Onset Hunters, camping as the gateway drug, backcountry as a relative concept, high country rattlesnakes, planners v. free spirits, carving backcountry utensils, how long to hang meat in the backcountry, and a host of other campfire topics from Sasquatch Country.