Randy and his TV crew, Marcus and Michael, take up the mics during a day when the blizzard chased them off the mountain and ruined a bear hunt.  This is a Q&A session, with all questions coming from listeners and viewers.  Topics include tactics for weekend warriors, scouting close to season opener, elk hunting success without being a gym rat, Randy’s training regimen, replicating hiking elk country, Marcus’ mountain relay team, how camera guys stay in shape, elk conditioning for urbanites, more fitness is “gooder,” trekking poles are an elk hunter’s tool, folly of shooting surprised game, complications of filming your hunt, gun safety above all else, elk is a glassing game, mental toughness grows with age, mind overcoming the body, diet and nutrition for an elk hunter, hunting with a bum liver, quality food input, home-cooked meals in camp, Super Size Me documentary, glassing techniques, gridding horizontally v. vertically, bino power choice, giving camera guys credit for spotting critters, camera guys who are hunters, public property posted as private, encountering other hunters on public land, meat care while on the road, Randy’s passion for guttin’ & gillin’, satisfaction in processing game, best first hunt for an adult onset hunter, learning through success, assumptions by experienced hunters, Randy’s favorite hunting books, YouTube replacing Randy’s book deal, terrible high school haircuts, ideal tag drawing system, overlooked item in Randy’s pack, easy public land advocacy, do we want dirtier air/water, hunters risking the claim as conservationists, corner crossing, and too many other question to list here.