In this episode of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy continues on the topic of elk and elk hunting, expanding on his new Live Video Q&A program called “Elk Talk.”  In the first two episodes of Elk Talk, over 300 questions were provided and not nearly enough time to answer even a fraction of those.  So, Randy sits down with Marcus and Matthew to expand the Elk Talk Q&A session to the Hunt Talk podcast.  Topics covered include hunting hot weather, does moon phase matter, where to find consistent wind, setting data for shooting dials, tips for weekend warriors, hunts for those with more time and less money, gear to film your own hunt, how did this platform get started, fear of failure, the perfect point drawing system, using hunting pressure, public land etiquette, when to scout, don’t hunt with Debbie Downer, when to stay and when to move, rifle weights and muzzle breaks, homemade camp meals, best advice ever learned on Hunt Talk forum, how to get info from biologists, Randy’s big mistakes, only one hunt and what would it be, lots of Colorado-specific questions, meat care in the field, the standard question about ethical shooting distances, daily routines for elk fitness, shooting bigger one versus better shot opportunity, cow elk are trophies, don’t send Randy Facebook messages, and a ton of other elk hunting questions.  To watch Elk Talk Live Video Q&A, go to these Facebook pages; Randy Newberg, Hunter, Bowtech, and Leupold.  Tune in on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm Mountain Time and you might win a new Bowtech Reign 7.