In this Episode (EP 60) of Leupold’s Hunt Talk Radio, Randy travels to scorching hot Las Vegas to discuss the many options you have to hunt the west every year, regardless of your luck.  Randy is sharing the mic with Lorenzo Sartini and Brady Miller of to explain how many hunts are available to the person who wants to go hunting every season.  Topics covered start with Nevada as the most overlooked western state, deer hunting Arizona every year, impartial gear testing, gear that works not what your paid, application strategies, swinging for the fences, lifetime licenses, what state to live for a hunter, Wyoming is the west’s great hunting, foolish TV rule that you can’t shoot animals in their bed, elk hunting Idaho and Colorado every year, sharing too much information, save a few secrets, figuring it out by yourself, burn your Arizona elk points, leftover tags in Nevada and Wyoming, sharing your harvest, thermals and unpredictability, retirement v. quiting, closet pronghorn hunters, buy two buck tags in Idaho, and then the conversation gets into some serious gear discussions about trekking poles or not, high altitude cooking stoves, lightweight sleeping pads, weight versus comfort, backpacks, water filtration systems, how much food, favorite Mountain House Meals, and lots of other gear issues that can be solved at the new Gear Shop created by