In one of the most fun podcasts we’ve ever done, Randy sets up his podcast kit at the Sitka Gear Inaugural Converge Event in Bozeman, Montana, welcoming anyone who wants to put on a headset and talk hunting.  Taking the invitation are Mark Kenyon from Wired to Hunt podcast and David Brinker from Sitka Gear.  Part way through we are joined by Brian Call of Gritty Bowmen, then added to the conversation are Dustin Roe, a serious sheep outfitter from Cranbrook BC, and Cole Kramer, a Brown Bear outfitter from Kodiak, Alaska.  Topics covered are endless, ranging from sentimental hunts, untold conservation stories, hunting the Great Basin states, unexpected encounters, misses, worst shot you ever made, pressure or just unprepared, hunting with pack dogs, clients not listening to guides, the normal small dose of marital advice, videoing your own hunt, breaking body parts while hiking, language edits on camera, hunters seeing the world through a different lens, and more.